2014 Awards Season Roundup


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Things tend to get a little depressing after the holidays but thankfully, there’s always awards season to look forward to! Now that everyone has a stylist, it’s rare for an actress to look like a total mess on the red carpet. Sadly, this often means that a majority of the outfits are absolutely boring and pedestrian. The four ladies pictured above definitely stood out to us as a cut above the rest.

  • Lupita Nyong’o has been killing it on the red carpet this season. We love the way this bright Ralph Lauren frock looks against her dark complexion and also can’t get enough of the cape!
  • Newcomer Margot Robbie looks stunning in this jewel adorned number by Gucci. Her hair and makeup are also flawless.
  • For some reason, Lizzy Caplan barely got any camera time at the Golden Globes. We don’t understand the lack of attention because we think she looks great in this heavy metal piece by Emilio Pucci.
  • Mom-to-be Olivia Wilde looks almost reptilian in this shimmery green gown by Gucci. It’s very plain but does a great job of flattering her pregnant figure. The color also looks great with her subtle ombre hair.


  • At this point, Lupita Nyong’o could basically wear anything and convince us its stylish. This aquamarine Gucci number has a stunning neckline and we love how her eye makeup mimics its colors.
  • Amy Adams looks absolutely glamorous in this beautiful blue gown by Antonio Berardi. The styling is also spot-on (we love the sparkly belt and old-school Hollywood hair).
  • To be honest, we think that Lupita and Amy blew everyone else out of the water; however, we have to give props to Jennifer Garner. We’re so used to seeing her in sneakers and mom jeans that we’re always kind of shocked when she cleans up for the red carpet. This Max Mara dress is simple but classic and we love that it’s styled with a black belt.
  • Elizabeth Moss is another actress that we’ve noticed has stepped up her game this red carpet season. We’re a little on the fence about her hair but definitely agree that she looks totally elegant in this poppy red gown by Michael Kors.
Who were your favorites this season? Any best-dressed Oscars predictions? Let us know on Facebook! We’re always curious to hear what you ladies think 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide


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2013-gift-guideNow that it’s officially December and the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time to start checking people off your gift list. To help you out, we’ve put together two handy gift guides: 1) $50 and under and 2) $100 and under. Whether you’re shopping for your classy mom, edgy sister, or trendy best friend, these gifts are sure to please!


1. These Matte Liquid Leggings ($40) are the perfect piece to wear when you want to look edgy and cool but feel like you’re still wearing your pajamas. If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite trendsetter, these leggings are the perfect pick! Please note, they do run one full size small.

2. This Royal Blue Crossbody ($48) is bright, compact, and made of beautiful vegan leather. The environmentally conscious lady on your list will certainly approve! It’s also available in black, red, and yellow.

3. We love this Teal Wool Panama Hat ($42) because it’s a classic piece that will never go out of style (it’s also available in black). Also, it’s one of those hats that somehow looks great on everyone.

4. If you need a gift for someone you don’t know very well, these Pink Ruffled Texting Gloves ($36) are ideal. Who isn’t obsessed with their smartphone these days?

5. This Dove Grey Zip Clutch Wallet ($45) is definitely at the top of my gift list. It has 12 credit card slots, plenty of zippered compartments, and a handy wrist strap that ensures you won’t accidentally leave it somewhere.

6. Any girl that likes to make a statement deserves to have our Frost Yourself Necklace ($40). It looks great with everything but we especially love it tucked under the collar of a classic silk blouse.


1. This Electric Avenue Bag ($98) is a great gift for the student on your list. It’s stylish, sturdy, and big enough for all of the school day essentials. It also comes with a crossbody strap to make carrying it even easier.

2. We order this Square Green Onyx Gold Plated Ring ($68) every year and it always sells out. Whether you’re shopping for a girlfriend, mom, or lady friend, it’s sure to please. It also looks great when stacked with our other semi-precious rings.

3. Our favorite piece of the season might be these It’s a Wrap Earrings in Gold Pyrite ($95). They’re delicate but funky and handmade right here in Brooklyn, NY! These also come in a variety of other stones: Apatite, Ruby, Spinel, and Sterling Silver.

4. Treat your sweetheart to this Sweet Tart Necklace in Ruby ($60). It’s simple enough to suit every style but also very vibrant and visually interesting. This piece is also made in Brooklyn, NY and available in Grey Mystique.

5. I bought my mom this leather Mustard Change Clutch ($85) last year and she still uses it every day. With a magnetic closure and hidden pockets galore, this is the smartest bag we’ve seen in a while.

6. If you have no idea what to get someone, we recommend this Forever Yours Bracelet in Labradorite & Ruby ($80). It’s handmade in Brooklyn, NY and will make a great addition to any arm party! It also comes in several different stone combinations: Tourmaline & Carnelian, Tourmaline & Green Onyx, and Tourmaline & Moonstone.

Happy shopping & good luck finding the perfect gift!



Smith Street Renovations


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smith-streetAs some of you may know, we’ve made some big changes this fall. First, we opened a new store in Park Slope on the corner of 5th Avenue and Union Street. Next, we renovated our 243 Smith Street location (formerly known as Lucia). While moving and working on construction projects are definitely not our favorite activities, we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Opening and remodeling our 5th Avenue space was a big project, but it gave us the opportunity to turn the store into a place that is in direct alignment with our design aesthetic. Above all, Teddy strives to bring women affordable, creative fashion that is stylish and on-trend but still fun and whimsical. We really want all of our stores to reflect our motto and the new Park Slope location is the first to truly do so.

After the successful opening of Teddy on 5th, we decided to extend the process and renovate our Smith Street store. Our goals were to make the aesthetic the same as Teddy on 5th and to fix some issues that customers had previously brought to our attention. We wanted to make the shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Like the 5th Avenue location, Smith Street now has a large accessory wall that makes it effortless to shop for gifts. Whether you want a cozy scarf for your Nana or a cool bag for your BFF, all of the options are right in front of you! Shopping one wall is much easier than combing through several different shelves and racks in order to find what you need.

We also listened to our customers and put bigger, nicer mirrors in the fitting rooms and made sure that our exterior mirror was well lit. We also expanded our jewelry selection to include four cases of various pieces at multiple price points along with two cases of Lucy Dalton Jewelry, handmade in Brooklyn. In addition, the Smith Street location is now able to accept custom jewelry orders for Lucy Dalton. For example, if you’re looking for a gift and see a piece of jewelry that you like but want with a different stone or a longer chain, simply ask the sales associate and she will get you whatever you need.

Last, but not least, the new Smith Street location includes more merchandise – multiple color variations, more sizes, and different brands (old staples like Ya and BB Dakota along with some new vendors such as Wasabi + Mint and West 36th). Don’t think of the new store as a replacement for Lucia… think of it as a superstore! It really is the perfect combination of old and new 🙂


P.S. Our UWS store on 226 Columbus Avenue will also receive a facelift this month. Stay tuned!

New Arrival Necessities


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fedora-article-imageWe can’t believe that today is Halloween and the first day of November is tomorrow! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and chilly weather are right around the corner and we have been stocking up on essential pieces to get you all through the holiday season. For the past few years, we have been absolutely obsessed with hats. In the summer, we rock our favorite straw floppies but once fall hits we pull out our wool fedoras and never look back. In our opinion, this style looks great on absolutely everyone and we love the variety of colors and different adornments that are available. The teal and black hats that are available online are universally flattering and will look great with everything in your closet. If you’re looking for more of a variety, stop into one of our stores to peruse a rainbow of colors (along with some wool floppy hats and knit beanies)!

scarves-trend-imageAnother one of our favorite new arrival accessories is the infinity scarf (also known as the figure 8 or circle scarf). While we do think it’s important to have a few heavier knit options, we like these lightweight pieces because they transition through every season and aren’t so heavy that they need to be removed when indoors. Also, they come in a variety of awesome prints (seriously, how cute are the moose and elephants) and colors.


We hate to admit it, but shopping isn’t always fun. For example, we loathe shopping for jeans, bathing suits, and bras. Shopping for holiday party dresses, however, is an absolute blast. This season, we’re in love with holographic and metallic materials that either a) go well with chunky statement necklaces or b) have unique necklines. Bold pieces like this are great because they make it easier to get away with very minimal hair and make-up. When your dress is the star of the show, there’s no need for a smokey cat eye and crazy up-do!

Although the pieces featured in this article are some of our favorites, don’t forget to check out the rest of our new arrivals (and let us know which are your favorites via Facebook or Instagram).



New Store in Brooklyn!


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If you haven’t already heard, we couldn’t be more excited about our new space at 202 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This store is double the size of our old Teddy location and filled with all of the best and newest items.

The space itself feels light and airy and features beautiful woodwork, a custom-made Brooklyn art piece, six cases of jewelry, and an entire wall of accessories. The new store also carries tons of pieces from Lucy’s jewelry line and houses her workshop and showroom in the back of the store (as well as all of our website inventory). If you’re shopping for custom bridal jewelry, you can make an appointment to meet with Lucy at 202 5th to go over design ideas and check out all of her current pieces. We truly mean it when we say that the new space houses everything that Teddy has to offer!

Another perk of this new store is that it gets all of our most current inventory. If you want a sneak peek of new items before they hit the shelves of our Manhattan locations, stop by 202 5th to get the first look! Also, we listened to our customers and installed bigger, better mirrors in all of the fitting rooms. Trying on clothing in the new space is definitely a breeze.

If you don’t believe us, stop by and check things out for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.




Fall Trend: Leather Accents


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One of our favorite fall trends, seen on the hottest celebrities and all over the runway, is leather accents. Whether in the form of a sleek sleeve, peter pan collar, or as the waistband on trousers and skirts, leather adds a bit of tough girl polish to any outfit. Since the weather in NYC has been quite warm for fall (80 degrees today!) it doesn’t really make sense to go all out with a leather jacket or pants. If you crave the look but don’t need the warmth, leather accents are the fashion solution you’re seeking.

The best thing about the pieces at Teddy is that they are all faux, vegan leather. If you weren’t aware of the many benefits of vegan leather, here are a few:

  1. It’s more affordable. Real leather has gotten very expensive in the past few years and in our opinion, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest a huge chunk of money on a trendy piece. Scoop up some gorgeous, wallet-friendly faux leather and use the cash you save to buy high quality basics instead (for example, we fully support splurging on the perfect pair of jeans or a blazer that you’ll wear every day at work).
  2. Faux leather looks real. We’re serious! The quality has improved so much over the years that we guarantee no one will be able to tell that you’re not rockin’ the real deal. The leather sleeves on all of our jackets feel just as buttery and smooth as real leather (but at a fraction of the price).
  3. It’s lightweight. Real leather can be cozy and amazing on a brisk, 50 degree day, but when the weather is unseasonably warm and balmy, faux leather is your true bff. When the weather does cool down, faux leather is still great because it gives you the option to layer with a cozy cable knit sweater without overheating the second that you step indoors.
  4. It’s more environmental. Many people think that buying leather isn’t a big deal because the animals that it comes from would have been killed anyway (for food, not fashion). Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception. Using leather actually subsidizes factory farms, which are an environmental disaster. Without the lucrative sale of animal skins for leather, factory farms would not even be able to turn a profit by selling meat alone. Think about this the next time you reach for a trendy leather piece!
  5. Faux leather is consistent in color. When you buy real leather, sometimes it is naturally discolored; faux leather, on the other hand, is always the same color. If you’re a bit pedantic, you’ll appreciate the cohesive coloring of faux leather.



Two trendy pieces that incorporate leather accents are the baseball jacket and the military anorak. Lucky for you guys, we have both of these jackets in stock and several other awesome pieces to pair with them. Our faux leather leggings are seriously the most comfortable thing you’ll ever put on your body. They’re soft on the inside, stretchy, and look great with everything! If it’s a bit chilly outside, pair them with a cozy sweater and our Trooper Jacket. If it’s a warm day, opt for a see-through animal print top and our Derek Jeter Jacket. Both of these outfits are stylish, fashion-forward, and will look great on basically every body type.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our faux leather pieces & to visit us at our new store in Park Slope (202 5th Ave)! We love fall fashion and are excited to share our favorite finds with all of you 🙂



We ❤ Instagram


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instagram-articleIn case you weren’t aware, Teddy & Lucy Dalton Jewelry both have Instagram accounts (@ShopTeddy & @LucyDaltonJewelry). If you’d like to know when new items are in stores and get a sneak peek behind the creative process, check us out. We often post new arrivals, our favorite neighborhood dogs, and beautiful views of the city. In the past, we’ve also done giveaways and flash sales, so following our social media sites is a great way to be in the know and snatch up some fantastic deals. And seriously, who doesn’t love sales and cute animals?


The arrival of fall = tons of new merch, photoshoots, and some exciting news about our move to a new spot at 202 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Don’t be out of the loop! Check us out and don’t forget to tag us in any outfit posts featuring items from Teddy, Lucia, or Lucy Dalton Jewelry. We love to see how you guys style our pieces 🙂



Cosmo Talks


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cosmo-times-and-LDAt the beginning of the month, Teddy and Lucy Dalton Jewelry were featured in one of SinoVision’s Cosmo Talks. We had a great time chatting with the host (Christi) and stylist (Hui) about our favorite products and trends.

• In the video, Lucy is wearing the Eye of Protection Necklace layered with the Rock Candy Necklace (both in Ruby).

• Kirsten is wearing the Chevron Triple Necklace.

• Christi had fun playing dress up in several different dresses from our UWS Teddy store and can also be seen wearing the Double Happiness Druzy Necklace and the Golden Eye Pendant in Spinel.

If you like what you see, check out Lucy’s wholesale website and keep your eyes peeled, because all styles will be available very soon on ShopTeddy! And of course, if you’re interested in watching the SinoVision segment, check it out here (it starts at 8:30).



Q&A with Lucy Dalton


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In case you haven’t heard, Teddy co-owner Lucy Dalton has started her own wholesale jewelry line and will be premiering it at the ENK Accessorie Circuit Show taking place in New York City from August 4-6. Lucy has always loved making her own jewelry and some of you may have seen her pieces in Teddy stores over the years. Starting a wholesale line is no small feat and we figured it would be interesting to sit down with Lucy and find out how she got started and what inspires her to create such beautiful pieces.


If you’d like to know more, please check out Lucy’s website, Facebook, or Instagram.



What to Wear: Summer Wedding Edition


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Summer weddings are fun but also sort of stressful. When it’s going to be humid and 90 degrees, how can you look cute and also stay cool? What exactly does cocktail attire entail? Is it ever appropriate to wear cream/white/taupe/beige? Is there a way to avoid wearing heels at a formal wedding? Customers have been asking us a ton of questions lately about what to wear for a summer wedding, so we thought it would be wise to address those questions.

First of all, make sure you know what type of wedding you will be attending. Is the attire black tie, semi-formal, or casual? If you don’t know, just ask! While it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, no one wants to be the person decked out in 4.5″ heels and a fancy dress when the bride is wearing cowboy boots or flip flops. When you know what is expected, you will have a much easier time putting together a fabulous outfit.

If the attire is black tie, stick with a nice pair of heels and an evening gown or fancy cocktail dress. Black tie is pretty serious business, so don’t be afraid to up the drama a little bit. My personal suggestion is to stick with a beautiful, classic gown but pair it with some statement jewelry or a fancy up-do. Stray away from anything that is revealing, i.e. low necklines, high slits, etc. and you’ll be good to go!

For a semi-formal wedding, always err on the side of caution. I wouldn’t wear an evening gown, but a fancy cocktail dress and simple but tasteful hair and make-up are always a winner. If the wedding is during the day, stick with light colors; if it’s in the evening, choose a dress in a jewel-tone. Personally, I would never wear black or any shade of white/cream to a wedding unless specifically noted to do so.

Casual weddings are great because chances are good that you won’t feel out of place if you opt to wear a pair of flats. Also, a nice skirt and blouse will work if you’re not really a dress person. Even though the word ‘casual’ is used, don’t take it too literally. You still want to look nice and put together, not like you’re running to the market to do your errands.


The most important to think about is putting together something that is classic and comfortable. No one wants to look back at pictures and feel supremely dated. The dress on the left (above) is great because it’s reasonably priced ($68 – available in stores) but looks exactly like a Missoni piece. The dress on the right is white but the black pattern makes it totally different from anything the bride would wear and thus earns our stamp of approval ($178 – available in stores). The above outfits would be great for a casual and semi-formal wedding (respectively). While the jewelry is very similar, we choose a bigger, more intricate pair of earrings for the formal option and stuck with  smaller pieces and lighter colors to go with the casual ensemble. We also love that all of the pieces are things that you will definitely wear again – to work, hang out with friends, or basically anywhere. If you’re looking for custom-made jewelry, you can always inquire at any of our stores (Teddy & Lucia) or visit Lucy’s site to see what we have available for wholesale.

We hope that this article is helpful and would love to see pictures of what you’ve worn to summer weddings. Feel free to share on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram!